What identifies the perfect travel bag?

The advantage of a suitcase is to keep everything in order and neat, while a bag offers unsurpassed flexibility. In combining a suitcase and a bag we are bringing these worlds together. Functional and sophisticated on the inside, while durable and essential on the outside – Bagagiste developed a new and ideal form, defined by a minimalistic design.

Our design process for the bags followed only one principle: to improve every detail while reducing it to its essential at the same time. How could we ensure the functionality of a carabineer to attach the shoulder strap yet improve its design? We created a simple lay flat, yet secure loop-and-buckle solution for all of our Bagagiste bags. How could we ensure the functionality of a suitcase handle without making the bag look like a bulky, heavy suitcase? We designed a functional leather handle for our Bagagiste bags that disappears completely under the pleat and is only visible when in use. Functionality meets elegance.

Our selection of materials is also a strong reflection of the Bagagiste design philosophy. Durable premium canvas and quality smooth leather create an optical as well as tactile contrast. Such design elements make our Bagagiste bags distinctive. You won’t find more understated style and sophisticated functionality anywhere!

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